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Energy Assessment


Our NatHERS accredited energy assessors will model your building using current NCC certified software to ensure compliance with the NatHERs ratings of 6 stars (NCC2019) or 7 stars (NCC 2022).

The energy required to keep your home at set temperatures throughout the year will be calculated based on your climate zone. Typical factors that influence the energy rating include insulation, glazing, northerly aspect and shading.


Our energy assessors will provide advice on the most cost effective way to improve the energy performance of your new dwelling or alterations, to achieve compliance and more importantly to ensure that your new build is energy efficient to improve comfort and operating costs into the future.

You will receive a NatHERS certificate which provides a star rating, estimate of energy usage for the year and a summary of key features that impact the energy efficiency.


Our team are experienced in Section J assessments in accordance with NCC 2019 and NCC 2022 for your commercial project. We can provide performance solutions to ensure your next development is compliant, comfortable for the users and energy efficient.

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